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The State Solemnly Requests That you Die: it is your duty.

 To preserve one’s life is generally speaking a duty, but it may be the plainest and the highest duty to sacrifice it.  War is full of  instances in which it is a man’s duty not to live, but to die.  … Continue reading

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You have probably heard by now that authorities in North Carolina decided to charge a young, 17-year-0ld man with possession of child pornography because he had a picture of himself, naked, taken when he was 16, on his cell phone.  … Continue reading

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The Duggars

It is evident from a thread on the topic in Reddit that many– if not most people  (I couldn’t find a single exception in the thread)–  don’t like making distinctions among different types or levels of abuse.  In fact, one … Continue reading

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Would God say, “I forgive you, but you still have to pay”? Why do we say it? Because we’re not up to it, are we?  Then why do we say we forgive, when we still want someone to pay?  Because … Continue reading

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The Book Cover

The media knows and understands that many of the Republican presidential candidates know very well that they do not have the slightest chance of becoming the nominee.  It doesn’t matter.  Most of them are businessmen and investors and owners and … Continue reading

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